We have been producing puppets since 1990 and we are trying to make them impeccable. Both making and design. For the smallest children they must be easy to manipulate and nice. For bigger children they are fully functional in various designs and sizes. Theatre companies wish to have well-flexible puppets according to their own designs and other specifications, or scenes, props and so on. You can also have your custom-made puppet. And to have a place for playing with puppets, we also make puppet theatres.

For production we mostly use wood, but we can also work with other materials like plaster of Paris, various polymer mixtures, resin or laminating mixtures. All of them are, of course, tested and are harmless to health.

Wooden toys

There are more and more ideas growing so we have extended our puppet production with toys. Our designers are still a little bit as children and they are still coming with something new. We want to give classical wooden toys a new design and story. In our workshop smells wood, but we also use textile or other supplementary materials.

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